H.E. Khochhen Rinpoche Program in Europe

Rinpoche will be teaching and bestowing empowerments at three dharma centres in Europe in the autumn of 2014. Venerable Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche will be coordinating the tour.
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Inauguration of the Great Stupa at Ugyen Mindrolling Samten in Lava, Kalimpong

It is with great joy we announce that the inauguration of the recently completed Great Stupa That Liberates Upon Seeing at Ugyen Mindrolling Samten in Lava, Kalimpong has taken place. The ceremonies and celebrations began on the 28th of April and concluded with the official inauguration on the 3rd of May. Sadhana practice, great offerings, ritual dances and a tenzhug offered to HE Khochhen Rinpoche marked the celebration of the consecration.

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